What is Team?

Team is...

A collaborative approach of raising funds fueled by the team’s enthusiasm at all times!

Connecting hearts for a cause

Good things grow when shared. This unique feature on WonderWe empowers you to invite a your friends, family, social groups, colleagues, neighbours, and even a stranger to unite for fundraising.

Together we can

  • Blend our complementary strengths
  • Promote a wider sense of ownership
  • Build trust
  • Reach out to wider networks
  • Foster creativity and learning

The benefits of team fundraising

Tap into the exponential power of your network's network.

Deeper trust

Draw on the personal relationships of your best supporters to overcome the normal barriers for new donors. team campaigns build on the established trust of the individual who created it.

Wider reach

Activate individuals' networks to raise money and grow your supporter base exponentially. team campaigns enable you to reach people you would never have accessed otherwise.

Better ideas

Mobilize supporters to launch their own unique fundraisers to spark new ways of giving. Memorials, birthdays, graduations, events, competitions, and holidays become great occasions to give!

So what does a team fundraiser look like?

Here's a sample of how easy it is to customize a team fundraising page.

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